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Day #16 - morning post

Congratulations on reaching the half-way point of the challenge! Now we're embark on the second half.  The prompt I created for this day seems like it might have strong resonation on multiple levels..

Prompt #16

Build yourself an appropriate protective talisman, lucky charm, or kitchen witch/guardian totem for your real-life garden, private inner realm, or a special corner of your home.

For inspiration consider what would best represent the vibe and themes that have emerged from the first half of our challenge's time/focus commitment.


try taking in the atmosphere of the part(s) of your home/landscape where you spend the most amounts of quality time and feel the most connected to both Place and personal dignity.  What does it speak of?  How can that be most creatively protected and held sacred?


This is my crone totem.  I think it was born from a seed MeMl's comment cast into my brain.   But as I was uploading the image from my phone I took off my glasses to just study the shape.  Was amazed to see how closely this resembled a frog.  But it is ... some kinda...hybrid creature of sorts.  I started with the tissue paper montage of a calla lily superimposed on top of a cactus, separated by a generic leaf.  Thought how well the three in combination represented how I'm feeling about my Third Act stage of life:  More female than ever because now that's all I am expected to be.  An old WOMAN.  Who is quite a bit more prickly than Before especially when it comes to suffering fools who are clearly wasting my time and/or the earth's dwindling resources. 

Another facet of aging for me has been learning how to more automatically buffer the extremes of my thoughts and emotions by discovering, over and over again, how much simpler it all becomes when you get clear on the art of consciously deciding to LEAVE well enough alone.  LEAVE-ing myself a lot more conscious space in which to consider whatever specific extremes I'm feeling as I'm in the midst of feeling them.  And just plain green/deep earth juice.  To me that might be the most specific/visceral feeling I have of 'holding wiseblood'.  Don't know if the blue stars are eyes or some sort of multi-sensory antennae.  Don't know if the green and blue gelli print part is the torso or head.  Which means I also don't know if the botanical tissue paper is the torso or the haunches.  But the half-flower two-toed feet seem solid to me. 

It just needs a little more marination and I don't want to rush that part with a swiftly dwindling window for getting a usable shot.  So it's another super-rough layout until this afternoon's post ...


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