Day 16 - results
Day 17 - results

Day 17 - morning post

Prompt #17

Consider something extremely literal and mundane that's central to your life and sense of well-being

How could you exalt this subject in a way that expresses its internalized value to you?

I was thinking of your OWN internalization rather than that of the thing you picked.

BUT - maybe doing it the other way around would be a different kind of challenge with an equally different risk/reward quotient.


This is one of two Bic recycled-barrel refillable gel ink pens.  Black/very fine tip on the refills.  Have had them for a good 20 years.  There used to be three but in our moving process one of them moved on and out.  Am very grateful there are two remaining.  It means I can keep one in the house and one up here in the studio.  That's CENTRAL to my days and also my evenings.

Because this is my lucky pen.  I don't like to write anything longhand without it and I don't like to draft anything at a keyboard.  It's the blithely abandoned poet in me.  Every syllable is power or its reduction.  And, for whatever reason, this cheapola pen gives me a sense of tremendous power at the nuts and bolts first-draft/old clothes/wait.maybe I should stop long enough to take a shower level of Being a Writer.  Or maybe it's me giving that power to it.

I selected literal inspiration for how I might elevate My Beloved.  The antique pen nib paper is something I put in my December prep 'to be used as part of challenging myself' fodder tray.  I didn't know why.  Then I thought I'd build a tree out of it but didn't, on that day, want to make a spikey sort of tree.   Have no idea how I'll use this inspiration or even if I will.

we'll all find out though...


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I don’t draft anything at the keyboard either. My pen of choice is equally pedestrian: a bic medium point blue that I buy by the box at Staples and sprinkle around the house. Refillable wouldn’t work for me, though what a good way to go (I lose things).


I lose things too. That's why I wind up with two, three or even four of certain items I chronically misplace but need to have on hand on a regular basis. Worst case scenario - I wind up with an extra pair of tweezers or whatever.

These pens were a marketing bust though - there's no way to replace them and I've been prowling stationary websites and stores for years now trying to find a suitable facsimile. Nothing so far.

My husband has a pen of choice we get at Staples by the box. Not the same one you favor but definitely running on the same principle. Those suckers are EVERYwhere. I use them when I'm not writing-writing. Grocery lists, all caps bulletins that need to posted on a few doorways so everybody sees in a timely manner - that kind of thing.

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