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Day 2 - results

Day 2 Morning Post


Prompt #2  Select an image you love but would be willing to slice and dice. 

As per your personal aesthetic - tear, rough cut, or measure-cut your image into strips.  Tear the strips into squares or rectangles.  Re-imagine the original photo or design by creating a pleasing grid based solely on color and line. 

Turn the shapes around enough to disorient the brain's instinct to simply reassemble the original image.  Make something new.  Ask yourself:  What story could i tell in this space?

I selected a largish print of the classic water-approach view towards Positano, Italy - using my paper trimmer to cut strips of varying widths.  From these I cut various sized squares and free-cut rectangles.   From this I learned the smallest non-fiddly size of  square that a small glue stick can non-crazily accommodate is half an inch.  YMMV.  And as it happens I've just acquired an incredibly cool metal mini-spatula tool meant to be used in book repair.   I'm going to experiment with this wonderful addition and my smaller pieces some day during the challenge when I'm feeling most long in patience. 


Until that day is today - I came up with this:


Thought it would be fun to take some pics that show the ongoing build-up of collage fodder created by this process.  Also wanted to highlight the mini spatula tool I mentioned above.  At this time I don't know if I'll put the smaller squares on this page or stick with having a border for something currently Unknown. 


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Liz A

definitely gonna cut bigger bits ... and love that this echoes my patchplay of random rectangles


Border looks cool. Squares tumbling along. I feel like sharing the perhaps little known fact that often one can pick up a small piece of paper simply by tapping it with a little pressure. The moisture of my finger often lifts it off the table. Am coveting your mini spatula tho!

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