Day 19 - results
Day 20 - results

Day 20 Morning Post

This is the second 'replacement' prompt I created with the other two.  It was something else but I switched-out this substitute after seeing the replies to Marti's response to yesterday's prompt. 

Prompt #20

Let's suppose a thought held by many has been powerful enough to jettison The Occupant once and for all.  Why stop there?  Why not just assume that  for the duration of responding to this prompt you're Empress of Everything.

What will you usher in to begin to rectify the damage incurred by the agent of destruction you've banished?

[If you chose to externalize the last prompt you'll probably be most comfortable continuing in that vein for this prompt for internal and visual continuity's sake.  If you focused on something internal stick with it.  If you like me the very notion gives you a case of metaphorical cold sweats but go where/how you know you need to Be/keep going.]



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Well as usual I can’t really follow directions. Last response was internal but today’s was external. They feel like a pair, though.

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