Day 20 - results
Day 21 - results

Day 21 - morning post

We're now two-thirds through the challenge.   The energy's been incredibly kinetic and abundant creative flow has been moving whoosh - all around our virtual table.   Let's slow the revs enough to take active stock of how you've grown deeper aware of the expressive possibilities collage offers.   Consider also how working in the challenge framework may have encouraged a sense of personal collage style that could be different from how you've approached this expressive medium in the past.   The questions I've encouraged you to ask and then visually answer have undoubtedly sparked questions of your own that you'll be moved to further explore.  Maybe you'll do that through the remaining prompts and maybe you're ready to downshift. 

Either way -

Prompt #21

Create an open treasure box of experiences

and creative devotion/whimsy

rather than material objects


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Liz A

Ahhh, this ... yes please!

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