Day 24 - results
Day 25 - results

Day 25 morning post

Prompt #25

(otherwise known as the just-because prompt)

Select a few pieces that keep catching your eye. 

bonus points if you choose some things you've been mentally pairing off and on throughout the challenge but they've had no direct or even tangential relationship to the prompt of the day.

do that thing.  make THAT collage.





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I just knew this would eventually be a prompt. And ha. Bonus points! It's interesting how insistent some images are.
For what it's worth... I think I am preferring these unillustrated prompts. I'm trying not to look at other's collages until I've done my own. That has served to isolate me even more since I'm not sharing, but it has made my own voice seem more authentic to me.


Beth - I spent an extended eight year blogging break in part because I needed to understand my authentic voice and how it shifted through the croning process, physical illness and recovery and then the brain injury/recovery. So I get the significance/necessity of finding your balance this way.

I like the prompts this way too. Waited until everybody indicated directly a sense of finding their personal groove. Since then it's been great to have them all pre-scheduled. I just show up and work on the same prompt as everyone else. It's really helped me understand how catalytic this experience has been as an ongoing creative process.


Yes, maybe the guidance with images was necessary at the beginning. And also the gentle easy way the prompts started off. I likely wouldn't have attempted this if I'd had to dive deeply at the beginning. I feel ready now though, and able to trust the process. I'm considering making myself a bowl of one word prompts to randomly draw from once I catch up. But I also think I could revisit most of this month's prompts and flesh them out or go in a different direction. I'm so grateful that you shared this.

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