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My response for today's prompt references a truly gorgeous never-forgotten dream I had when I was 14 or 15.  Hadn't thought of it until I was focused on working with a very different seed representation/color palette.  While looking for something else I found some of my very first deli paper prints.  Both examples in the above's background layer reference one of the dream's key visual elements.  So does the lovely white marble sculpture, the shape and scale of the seed, and the Florentine mirror.

For the moment this collage is serving as an art journal place-marker.   Have three or four different ideas of what to superimpose on the mirror.  at this point I believe any additional layers - beyond that mirror - will be made with ink and ink-on-ink  OR ink and designer's gouache.  

As the challenge winds down I've begun wondering what I'll choose to share here on this blog once I re-calibrate on the other side of this thing I apparently did during the month of January.  I have a lot of options, really...


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grace Maestas

re~calibrate on the other side....
i am going slow with these final Prompts....and then i will spend Time with the whole of them,
i look forward to this , So much. And then.....
so much has Just Begun. Whatever you find yourSelf inspired to do, i will be right here,
seeing how i might learn more
and more
and more.
I have many thought seeds about this but they need some time
SO MUCH LOVE to you Acey


always love how deeply and care-fully you process your expressive experiences, grace. we are very similar in that way but from different perspectives. Working through the prompts together has made me more appreciative of your visual processing arc as well as my own.

feel like I need to stitch for a few uninterrupted days and also paint with no sense of time or larger meaning. Think the latter - overdue need to paint insisting louder and louder that I do something about that interfered with my ability to make an actual collage today. Took a cue from your living collage idea instead ...

Liz A

The morning prompts, how I’ll miss them ... always they made me smile as my mind jumped from one idea to another, thinking how it might go

I won’t lie though ... early on I was incredibly unsure of myself, questioning whether or not it was a good idea to “get into” collage

Fortunately you made this a very safe place to be ... and I have learned so much, both technically (I’m looking’ at you YES! Paste) and personally.

It’s not over yet, but “thank you” ... now and always


What I've found after a month of receiving creative prompts is that it opens my mind in ways that lead to spontaneously prompting myself. Not all the time but maybe twice a week or so. I'll just suddenly get an idea. Not a what-if in order to learn something new - a prompt-friendly idea. The more I'm able to follow through on these the more they seem to happen.

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