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Day 4 results

Day 4 - Morning Post

 Prompt #4:  Plant a tree somewhere in your booklet. 

Challenge yourself to create it from at least 3 pieces of fodder.

Pro-tip:  Keep things as colorist/abstract - or even Charley Harper-ish - as your personal aesthetic will allow.   This will helps to hold your vision loose and open to suggestion.  Nobody says the tree must have realistic branches or leaves, either.  Just plant a tree you feel you'd like to live with as more of an inner narrative starts to whisper.  In another week or so you'll start to notice inter-relationships that may not yet be apparent to you. Meanwhile let your tree hold space for that CLICK moment.

[In truth I clicked pretty well today and thus got very absorbed in the booklet's emerging narrative.   Used Yes paste a lot in the centerfold for extra pieces and wanted them to have a solid night under book pressing.  Forgot I had to first create a sample version plus get it processed and posted. etc.

all will be revealed in its finished state this afternoon I guess ...



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grace Maestas

THANK YOU for your response on windthread. !!!!!!!!
this day's prompt is going to be GREAT!


writing the prompts I hoped by day 4 we'd all have ourselves more squared-away concerning how this was going to flow individually. Seemed right to plant a tree and thus ground everything else moving forward.

love is always true to itself...

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