Day 4 results
Marti's Collage

Day 5 Morning Post


 Prompt #5:  Divide a page in half on the diagonal.

Select two images that feel like the beginning of a conversation.

Add a few more pieces to each side of the dialogue.

I've decided to keep my creative life/general mind-frame as clear and simple as possible for the next few months.  To that end I'm going to continue illustrating the morning prompt posts with a very loose look at how I've decided to interpret the prompt in my gluebook.  The late afternoon Results post will reveal how I brought my plan to life and a sense of creative satisfaction.


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Acey I have not signed on for the collage challenge but found myself responding to today's prompt. Nearly all of the magazines that I have in my home, have to do with New Mexico, art, food, travels, etc. This Christmas our grand kids found a Pirate magazine for their GrandPa so this morning when I was straightening up the living room, I thumbed through it and was drawn to a masthead of a woman. Well you can imagine that my mind went dancing because for some time now I have had a torn out picture of Judy Chicago's butterfly painting. She lives in New Mexico. Putting the figurehead at the top of a page, dividing the page with a strip of cloth dyed by the Chinese Pistache trees that grow in front of our home, and Judy Chicago's art at the bottom, a flow began but it first stemmed from the artistry of Judy Chicago whose sense of the strength of women seemed to match the strength and guiding spirit of the masthead.

For me it is all about what grows, what I can grow, what I can harvest, what I can use to provide joy and sustenance through food so I thought of how ships brought spices and treasures and maps were the tool of the day. Into my Edible magazine for Albuqueruqe, Taos and Santa Fe I went and found a map of the wine growing areas here; printed words that seemed to enrich my theme. Above Judy's painting is a torn out piece of bees working away and it all comes together with what harvest and treasures can be found here in the land...somehow my themes always begin and end with what the land here provides.

Let me just say that while I more than likely will not do all of the prompts, I'm so glad that I opened myself to this one because for an hour, I entered a place that is familiar to me in terms of theme but new in terms of how I use it to tell story. If any who come here, have been reading but not making a collage, by all means, I hope you will try it. You can see, if Acey posts mine that it is very crude, very basic, so no worries that you need to be an artist to make it happen. What you need is just that spark of curiosity and then you are on your way...Thanks Acey.

Grace Maestas

I love you, marti


Marti - this is an amazing and wonderful thing - to be spoken to by a simple suggestion and then speak in response. That in itself is an embodiment of the prompt!

Am so glad this was meaningful for you. May need time to figure out how to get the image posted but will schedule it to post just after the prompt's results post so I can mention it in the text. Direct people back to this comment section for more details about your creation.


Marti, how wonderful that you stuck in a toe and then went wading! I love it & you!

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