Day 6 - results
Day 7 - unglued results

Day 7 - Morning Post


Prompt #7

Reverse yesterday's prompt.  Find a collage piece that expresses the essential you perfectly.

Use it in a way that speaks to an important part of yourself that has rarely/never been included in the way you've used this type of image in the past.

I call-up visualizations of bumble bees extensively in meditation and within a variety of expressive creative platforms.  They always connote happy fulfillment of promise and intention.  Creative abundance.  Emotional vibrancy.  Knowing instinctively what to do and how it is best accomplished as a cooperative Whole.

all of those qualities are important parts of me; parts I consciously associate with bumblebees as both symbols and quite literal ever-industrious creatures zooming all around me throughout our warmest months.


What if I additionally associated Bumblebee with my rabble-rousing arc?  Obviously that would be very different from leaning into Coyote or Crow but how would that difference manifest?  Over the next few weeks I'll fill in a narrative I literally never imagined until ten or twenty minutes ago.


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grace Maestas

this posted in the night and i'd been woken up by Tay is a frenzy to go Out

the Thing that has ruined Puppy's sanctuary in the horsetrailer, that eats all her food and
has ripped off the top of her food storage bin several times now, even tho i won't leave
any food out there in it anymore, something with muscle, that throws her little bed around
here again and caught by surprise, went under this travel trailer and there was all manner
of chaos as Tay went at it at all angles I went Out with the spotlight and somehow distracted
Tay enough for it to run and she went after it and was out there going after it
so while waiting here for her to come back and In,
i looked and the Prompt was there.
I knew immediately which image connected, found it and it's hard to explain, but
very clear Inside me


what an astonishing event so aptly conjoured within your telling! I was leaning forward into the screen and the moments you described ...

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