Day 7 - unglued results
Day 8 results

Day 8 - Morning Post

Prompt #8:

Draw a line that suits your mood or the day's general temperament.

Change or amplify its meaning by scattering its path with meaningful or random bits of collage.

Am creating these prompt posts and collage layouts a day prior to "live" time.  And on this particular (yester)day every place I went I ran into somebody I knew who was absolutely livid about all the things they're aware we're not being told - or are being outright lied-to - concerning a variety of situations on the ground in the middle east.    As we pieced together various culled fragments of information and particularly egregious lies I felt my blood pressure spiking.  What I wanted most seemed particularly hard to find:


even the unintentionally snaggled outline around the letter A relates to a human landscape of agitated distraction...


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grace Maestas

at first i didn't want to do this one.


Figure out why and maybe you'll like the remaining line well enough to follow it.

or not. think it's way cool you mentioned the resistance. Maybe collage about that instead.


Acey, I’m overdue to comment my presence here and to say thank you. I was unsure about committing to this. The only thing I’ve committed to for the foreseeable future is ongoing physical therapy. (I fell 4 months ago and fractured my left wrist and a lumbar vertebra.) I’m mending, ever so slowly. It has been intense hard work. Because of the way my wrist had to be surgically mended it does not bend the same way that it did before. It is my non-dominant hand, but my fingers are very stiff and uncoordinated. So I was unsure time-wise, unsure physical ability-wise, and unsure whether collage could feed my need for spirit healing while I am unable to work with cloth. I am a few days behind at this point, but the feeding of need was certainly fulfilled by the tree prompt which sent me into the flow zone I’ve been missing so much. I used to do some work with SoulCollage and I have a small box of images I can draw from so gathering images has been stream-lined for me. And wonder of wonders, I actually have one of those little spatula tools from my days of library book repair! So thank you for your generous sharing of a process that brings you joy and healing. The prompts are just the right amount of guidance to set an intention that might go anywhere. I really really needed this.

grace Maestas

Beth, oh, Beth ohBETH!!!!!! i am so so happy to read this!!!!!!
SO happy to be in your company here!


Greetings, Beth! I am delighted and grateful to be able to play a small part in feeding your creative regeneration process. Achieving ongoing contact with the "flow zone" is so necessary for creatives of all kinds. Even more than usual when recovering from physical injury with a steep rehabilitation curve!

Liz A

Beth ... so good to "see" you here!

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