Day 5 Morning Post
Day #5 results


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Thanks Acey for posting this. You never know when something will spark an opening that leads to a new way to tell an old is no surprise to me and yet in some ways it is, how much I enjoyed making this collage...AND I think the gift in all of this, your willingness to go to such depths in sharing your collage experience while simultaneously doing the daily prompts alongside of everyone is the inspiration as well as the wonderful invitation for each of us to go on our own personal path of discovery.


Marti - I'm thrilled you were inspired to make something so prettily put together and personally meaningful! For me it feels very important for challenge leaders to actively participate in their prompts - in as close to real time from participants' perspectives as possible - because I do believe it's what makes the difference in terms of both inspiration and practical encouragement.

grace Maestas happy. just SO happy

Liz A

Marti ... this makes me happy beyond words to tell ...

your cloth as path and how it is the foundation for everything ... every thing ... and the map ... and the chilis ... oh how I love (and miss) New Mexico

and Judy Chicago ... new to me ... thank you for that!!!

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