Day 30 morning post
my Aunt Grace quilt LOC.3

Day 30 - results


(because that's where and why and how all the creative magic happens)

I'm really glad we all did this together.  I hope you are too.

  EVERYBODY did outstanding work - not just in the scope of their collage creations but also in terms of quickly establishing a challenge-based working style and dedication to their personal process development.  Despite the initial uncertainty any challenge brings it was truly remarkable to see how quickly everyone adapted to their freshly personalized relationship to this expressive medium.  By reviewing each other's efforts the way we'd all look at something together if our virtual situation was happening in the walking-around world - we each insured that every single one of us "got" something about collage that we hadn't quite put together before this time of sharing.

  Everyone - including me -  willingly trusted I'd guide them to a stationary end-point while also digging deeper into their private stashes of emotion and life experience as well as their paper collections.  Now - going forward - there's only one barometer/compass rose to be followed:

trust yourself

keep speaking truth to and FOR power

from the center of your creative soul

and every corner and crevice you discover

where true power resides


My faves from these days:





Marti - curendera (make sure to scroll down or click for her response to our final prompt)


[For those who like statistics - this blog has averaged 82 unique visitors a day for the challenge time-frame.  Including myself and everyone actively involved - 35 people have let me know they're participating/following along as a somewhat regular part of their creative experience. 

The most unique visits to a single post (328) happened here. oof.  Typepad is going rogue on me right here at the end!

For reasons unknown all the [listed as published] posts aren't appearing on the blog right now.  At least not in what I can see of it here on my laptop or phone.  The post with the most unique visitors was the Day 16 results page for the garden Crone totem.  Quite a skyrocket!  Somebody somewhere linked, obviously, to significant effect.  Perhaps it's fitting that my first studio-based intention once I've scheduled this post is to paint that totem's background layer.  Last things first, as I like to say!

Not at all by design but I'm very grateful it's working out this way - I don't have to be/go anywhere that requires me to be all the way ON until Thursday morning.  Between now and then I'm planning to stay paint smudged and considerably more powered-down than I've been since ... before Thanksgiving, actually.  Yikes.  No wonder I feel so ready to shift from extro to intro mode energetically.

and I still don't have a clue what I might post on this blog going forward.  or why ...]


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grace Maestas

in the morning, Acey. So much i want to say. For now, as dark descends, i just am

Liz A

Thank you ... on so many levels, I am grateful


What you will post or when or why or if: regardless, we will be here. What a way to begin this important year: you have given us such a gift Acey, a way of seeing, of feeling, of communicating that will forever be with us. With appreciation, with thanks and most of all, with deepest respect.

Mo Crow

(((Acey))) you make good magic!


thank you!

grace Maestas

trust yourself
that was at the center of your challenge, i see now....
that you had full confidence in yourself....and we did and we
are so Glad and go forward in that Trust
Love and Love to you


bingo. yes. Although I never consciously imagined myself leading one, I've been a little obsessed with online challenges over the years. I particularly like checking them out all of a piece after the group HERE WE ARE energy has calmed down and I can quietly look through the learning/challenge trajectory as mapped by the prompts. A lot of what I've examined seems based on one of three tenets:

trust ME (leader) with the implicit "trust" being based on everyone's relative awareness that the challenge is a teaser for something pay per view that will drop soon after the challenge ends ick. I know it works and is entirely valid at a self-promotional level but ick all the same.

Trust your supplies - by following leader's prompts and tips on how to give your art/craft stuff a level of unorthodox workout you might not devise on your own. This can be awesome but it's inherently materialistic/ex-clusive. The premise "sorts" participants based on who has what and who does not. Cliques - often strident and distracting - emerge on both sides of the equation. Virtue signaling of various kinds abound. ICK.

Trust what you already know and have previously learned - over and over again - never fails to send you to your creative happy place. This tenet seems to underwrite a fair/disconcerting number of art journal challenges that promise to be BRAND NEW introspective and self-revelatory material. (this one is not an ick so much as a WTactualF)

I've always thought (aries rising, here...) a challenge is, by sheer definition ought to be something with potential to break significant inner ground. That it ought to be something you *don't* always understand or feel copacetic with but you *do* always feel driven to keep going. You don't know why, really, you just know you have an inner need to keep going.

Trusting yourself lets all that happen so it sticks. So there are certain mechanisms that are very unlikely to block you or cause you to short-circuit wondering what you're "supposed" to do. What "should" be happening despite the fact you just did something else instead and now you have no clue what comes next.

from there who knows. maybe you walk in the world just a little differently and a lot more authentically representative of who you are.


Thank you Acey and all. I have quite a bit of catching up to do after a week of appointments and distractions but I plan to keep on into February to catch the last few prompts and then go back to look at others' work on their blogs. Thank you to those who shared their collages and thoughts.
Just wanted to say... I was unsure about the booklet format at the beginning and started some loose folded pages at some point early on when I thought to keep my sense of place on this patch of earth and some more personal inner work in separate booklets. But then I decided that the chronology of now (my inner AND outer world) was more important, so I ended up taking the original booklet apart and adding the other pages to create one unit. There is just something so lovely about having it contained in this way and to be able to turn the pages. I wouldn't have normally worked in this way, so special thanks for the pre-challenge instructions on putting the booklet together. And thank you for the final guidance to trust yourself!

Liz A

I come back each morning ... and smile, knowing you are in the paint, happy just to see "Trust Yourself"

grace Maestas

i come here too.

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