long solitude moon cloth

abundance of care moon


Maybe a month ago I was thrilled to finally succeed at scoring some of Glennis' magical moons.  With my order she included the above heart.  Immediately knew I wanted to pair it with a jude moon reverse appliqued inside the heart.  Further knew I wanted them to be included on the above presumed inclusion in my elaborate fabric art journal. 

But then - with everything that's been happening since, I thought I'd like to make a larger piece to serve as ongoing healing meditation and prayer centered on our shared global crises.  There are many inter-layered together.  And I think all of that deserves its own clothwork and meditational space from me.  Think I also need the stability that will come from working in this way.  And just want to say that the batik at the top is a very deep dark indigo rather than black.  What looks grey is actually blue.

The precious indigo cut-out wants to stay.  Perhaps a healing emissary sent from the moon.

Stitched the moon into place yesterday and ironed earlier today. This is my new thing.  I still do iron stuff but maybe 70% of the time now I don't do that until I've done at least a bit of stitching.  While I was at it I pressed the orange and turquoise attachment weaving sampler.  Think I'm going to mount it on a fabric I haven't searched-out yet.  Eventually put it in a slightly recessed glass frame so it can hang on the wall up here in the studio.  But maybe that kind of idea is already a dream from another time.  It's hard to say.


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A moon inside a heart and it makes perfect sense to me; a heart expands to hold, the moon guides with its light, inspires and the whole of this, the stitchery, the dappled soft yellows, greens and blues foretell of the coming spring and all of this provides a visual measure of calm and softness that is so needed in this sharp, fractured world...

Every cloth I've ever naturally dyed, I've ironed. I do so because I like to work with smooth surfaces but secretly, I also do so because when the hot iron hits the naturally dyed cloth, it gives off a "greeny" plant like scent that I quite like.

Speaking of scent: I've continued to go a little stir crazy about not yet being able to source windfall for dyeing cloth. Over the weekend,I made red cabbage with onions and apples and that gave me an idea. Yesterday I decided to use a little of the red cabbage to dye cloth even though I know the color you get does not last. I cut the cabbage into strips, laid the strips out on a cloth, sprinkled some baking soda over the whole thing before I bundled it because I knew it would turn the cabbage turquoise as well as the cloth and steamed it for a bit in my copper pot. After steaming the cabbage cloth was put into a glass jar, filled with water and taken outside . Today the jar was filled with a deep turquoise color and the cloth seemed to have the color as well. However, when I opened the lid, wafting out came the most awful cabbage scent so for about 2 minutes I marveled at the glorious color then removed the cloth and discarded the cabbage strips into the garbage. I would have composted it but didn't know what the baking soda would do to our soil. Took the cloth and washed it in soapy water. This of course led to almost all of the color leaching out but at least the cloth smelled clean! I'll redye the doth when I have some land treasures.

Liz A

the scent of lichen cloth under the iron ... which then lingers in the ironing board cover, wafting up with each subsequent ironing , especially if the cloth is misted with water

and looking at your cloth, my mind played with words ... a heart-full moon ... a full moon heart ...

Mo Crow

love your moon with heart!


Heart lovin' moon! I remember a million years back when my grandson was here, dyeing with me and stitching a feather for Jude, he claimed the cabbage smelled awful! truth!


nice to sit with glennis here


Marti - as always your evocative word pictures are amazing.

Liz - I am looking at ways to include your lichen dyed cloth using the things from here. Seems so long ago!!!

Nancy - I am going to dip my first toes into eco dying from windfall here. Am not very good about things that smell bad so have mixed feelings about likely results.

jude - in the way I take stuff in you are a matched set. truly soft collaboration and I like this acknowledgement of it.

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