mending & growing
the studio is morphing in its basic purpose/need equation

beyond words (plus words)





wrote these words spontaneously after re-working the Lunar Annal title page background and creating some equally spontaneous collage pieces.  less than a day before shit got real in the most effed-up way yet.  bearing witness to our country literally going up in flames has given the implications of what I wrote a much deeper collective context.


dark black elliptical shattered

broken scary moons.

moons to haunt the dreams of the dying

as well as the merely alive

amidst unending disconsolation.



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grace Maestas

amidst unending disconsolation

it's coming from all directions...just pieces of truth
and i am stunned by my own ignorance

Mo Crow

love compassion empathy


grace i really believe what I expressed to you a couple of months back - you didn't *need* to see/feel/know of a lot of this stuff in earlier times. you were doing a different sort of work - even within the same realm of human suffering, and being awake to it - in the key of a quite different sort of life song.

And as I first read your comment yesterday I spoke aloud to you. Going to the selfish place first and seeing how your words and incredibly powerful - often silent - shifts and emotional recalibrations are impacting me here in this time. How you have been and evolved have always felt so incredibly powerful and shifting for me. And I said out loud 'grace where would people like me be right now without the established ballast and life wisdom of people like you?' And vice versa, perhaps and most likely a bit further down the road.

this is a terrible awareness to carry. To see and feel with the awareness 'this is the way millions upon million live and must raise their children to be wary, always, of the ever lurking threats and repercussions. but from a somewhat different life perspective i cannot help but know it's GOOD people are letting this reality all the way in and speaking or holding silence of DEEP self-spirit communication. It's painful and heretofore may have been more entirely optional than a good hearted fair minded person would be comfortable acknowledging. And yet they push through - doing this work that no jokin is every bit as enraging as it is painful.

It's MOST EXCELLENT that feeling, caring, entirely decent members of white privileged society are saying 'I cannot carry on with things as I have always believed them to be. This isn't just a "topic" for me anymore. It isn't just somebody else's reality and aren't I/we so blessed that it's a burden we'll live and die never knowing. NO. I cannot live in blinders anymore. This is the whole of the cloth of how our ecosystem survives while equally poisoning itself.'

all human experiences - at every incremental position of a full wheel of possible experience - are immeasurably valuable right now. all sentient beings involved with human experience now pool their resources. And when it comes to us, the humans, a good many may deliberately choose to fail or otherwise 'take a pass'.

so far as i can tell it really boils down to something that simple and unendingly difficult.


Mo that's a beautiful mantra. I have embraced it.

Liz A

the Lunar Annal title page ... how the moon might leave a hole in the sky ... how my heart feels right now


when will the phoenix rise?


the current occupant wishes to mine the moon. Every few days I remember that and it stops me in my tracks.


I can't say too much at the moment


maybe it isn't necessary. perhaps your best way to resolve a new arrangement of personal perspective(s) is to *create* through through the shifts, thus articulating them.

add to which - for me everything you've been saying (and have always said, really) about stitching/design realization and resolution is quite handily applied to larger life awareness and letting the important/necessary words rise in their own way and time.

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