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ShiboriscrapsOne day over the weekend I chose scraps to use in making nine-patches for my Spiritcloth tribute.  During the heatwave I lurked in my summer studio.  Aside from the basement it's the coolest place in the house.  Marked the scraps for cutting and sewing lines and got the individual squares cut.

Littlesquares72820I followed grace's advice the other evening and listened to the 1619 podcast she recommended on her blog.   It took me a day and a half to get that kind of quiet time within myself.  As I listened I stitched a couple of four patches.  Three and a half, to be exact.  One was stitched badly because I was saddened and increasingly focused on the podcast's narrative.  I really wasn't paying attention to the stitching at all but simply doing it because that's what I planned in advance.   Have since taken it apart to restitch later today or this evening.  But leaving the image of it as part of this ongoing creative record.  It shows how I felt while listening to the podcast and everything else we take some measure to absorb in an ongoing way: out of whack and consequently vulnerable.

SquaresMost of my free time - including that in which I'd normally write emails and get my packages packed up and ready for mailing - has been feeding my need for a reliable fulcrum.  Something I can turn to for the beginning and ending every day as a reliable place to stay focused beyond all the things we're all doing in whatever ways we can to absorb or reject just what we need to have/not have too close to our fractured minds and hearts.

coyote medicine says:  when you get to the end of reality make another one.

so that's what I've been doing.  and lo and behold -

Writing more diligently and carefully has begun to result in also writing more fluently.

To that end I've opened a password protected blog on which to share a few of the first-round results.   At the moment I've got one block of writing posted with the intention of posting two more that are very much inter-relational.  It's a contemporary narrative that strays a good bit farther afield than I stray here on my two blogs.

closer to heart in many ways.  and in others most definitely a word on the street/beach book kinda thing.

Leave a comment or email me if you'd like to take a look and I'll send you the keys you need.



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Mo Crow

(((Acey))) I'm curious about what your up to with the new writing blog, please count me in!

grace Maestas

i a key...


Yes, please, I so want to read...


Always curious. Could I have a key please?


when you get to the end of reality make another one, thank you


i mean you've been doing that for years now with cloth ...


I would love to "take a look", and see how this grows and continues. Please!


For me, those are the Spirit Cloth colors of when I first joined in, so a tribute indeed.
Count me in too.

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