figuring out what matters most

please don't be alarmed

I'm hiding all the posts here for reasons that are both personal and universal.

no matter how many times I sit here trying to cooperatively package up something small and somehow non-upsetting to offer up as an explanation beyond the above I'm not going to unearth a conclusion other than: anything more outta me starts veering ever-closer to the Karen edges of things.  And we've all seen/more than likely personally participated in more than enough of that in these disembodied electronic waters.




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grace Maestas

it's hard to know what "helps"....saying things?, or keeping our own Selves,
as well as others...
i don't know what to say to myself right now....i was just thinking that when i
see this post/nonpost.


it's almost like the flawed technology itself is showing us the way beyond ... to next.

grace Maestas

i can't even find next


nor i. simply trusting it's there ...


and at least there is reassuring familiarity in talking to each other in this particular way. i have missed it a lot .



Liz A

I keep coming back ... missing you


jude - yeah it really is ok. as always you have pretty much everything to do with why I feel that way so authentically. can't make the little black heart unless i'm on my phone and i hate answering comments that way. so it's just there where you can feel rather than see it.

oh(((Liz))). I feel like i always relate to you on a kind of mother-to-mother level even though the talk is usually going in other topical 'flight patterns'. But in the spirit of mom's everywhere - I think this blog is just in my version of a let's-all-think-about-this 'because this is why we can't have nice things' stage of its evolution. When I feel like I'm a bit more emotionally resolved and thus able to operate in the manner that's open-hearted and most real to me, I'm quite likely to make something I just *have* to share and then I will ... love


So sorry to hear this. I love coming to this blog and reading about your creative efforts especially the family textile stories.

Sometimes I think we have way too many people who have never learned to interact or have forgotten how to interact with people just are able to do so with a device.

Like Liz, I'll keep coming back.


Aw. I've been thinking of you and trying different ways to get back to you (computer issues). Nothing has worked until just now, to land here on this post-ish. :(
I'll leave this tab in place so I can coming checking, but until we meet again, take special care. I am thinking of you.

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