simple magic: red square realignment
chakra deep dive shortcuts

a state of relative peace & beauty

[eta:  every Thanksgiving season I seem to linger over deep appreciation for my grandmother Pearl's lasting and largely positive influence.  Today I'm bringing back a post about one of her small crib quilts.]

MoonunretouchedA lucky blur of a totally inadvertent sky capture through my dining room window at 12:30 a.m. this morning. The swelling moon is beyond the scrim of clouds on the left.  Also love the uplit burst of illumination caused by massive floodlights at the barn across the road.  Foxes are afoot.  In some kind of migration to locate "better" birthing dens where there's less human proximity.  This is the best guess of a friend who knows foxes the way I know their larger cousins the yotes.  During this time of year the latter recede into deeper woods and other reclusive stalking grounds.  The foxes quite promptly expand their summer territories accordingly. 

As soon as I saw the image above on my phone i started picking paint colors for both acrylics and watercolors.  Am making a point to have fun in my current sketchbook at least three times a week so this will be a good working inspiration on many fronts.

ThreepartoutcomeA few days back I had the brain storm to limit the scope of my card readings to something simple and standard:  where do I need to go next creatively?  Previously I meant that but asked the wrong and far more expansive question:  how do I synthesize everything cogently? The cards I pulled routinely included a sizeable number of major arcana that were clearly related to everything-everything.  It was overwhelming to try to translate that back into a response to the answer I meant to be asking.


Above:  I follow the practice of pulling three cards for the outcome position if the first two are minor cards.  Below:  The reading had just one major after months of anywhere from 4 to 7.

PriestessbotswanaMy streak of 'always' having this card brought to my attention continues.  In this context it's confirmation of something I felt it was important to expand despite the tweaking of contraction it will mean in other places. 


Next Thursday heralds the official beginning of second chakra deep dive contemplation.  That means our color based explorations will relate to the color ORANGE.

The second/sacral chakra corresponds to the element of water.   Common human relational associations include:  

Change     Movement     Flow

Sensation     Pleasure     Emotion

Need     Desire   Sexuality

The Shadow

Guilt     Duality

The sacral center's chief operating force is the attraction of opposites


WELL.  Since we've all been forced to live in Opposite World for far too long to keep our sense of foundational support vibrant and fully functioning-----what oh what are we to make of the utter mishmash going on collectively as well as more privately in the arenas suggested by the categories listed above? 

We are going to make Orange-ness of course!!  In a couple days I'll begin posting with prompts you customize by choosing a small selection of the most personally relevant categories.  What you make will be amplified by however you choose to answer the question I asked.  There's a broad scope of DEEP water involved with the organically fluid nature of our sacral center.  Much of what we may encounter there - especially in today's world of degrading the sacred and elemental natures of our individual and collective humanity - may prove far from pretty.  But one of the rudimentary powers of ORANGE is that it's a very powerful mood elevator. 


I am not personally done with RED in that I wanted to complete and share my Red Root endeavor.  I just haven't felt very rooted at all.  So I may wind up sharing a sketch - possibly done in oil pastel - rather than the paint and collage rendering I have in my mind's eye.  Because I do want to get at least as far as manifesting a sense of my personal survival root in a relatively glowing and love-infused form. 

we'll see.

Note: This particular 'blank space' sensation may be easier to re-imagine as time goes on for ever so many reasons.  If you wanted to do that exercise but haven't been able to get it going try a very basic simple lined sketch or three. 

Further Note:  If you're new to sketching or simply don't do it very often mainly because you think you "aren't good enough" at it -- try to successfully encourage yourself to make three sketches of the same idea or reference material in one go. 

Readingover[selfie and writing snippets created during this morning's wee hours]

I look so much like my mother in this picture it's ridiculous.  Additionaly I'm pretty sure this is what I look like most of the time up here in the studio.  Maybe also plenty of other places even/especially when somebody's trying to talk to me about something else.  

  All of which suggests  writing's going well.  Am currently working on a lot of interstitial connective tissue sort of segments.  It's more technical on some levels as well as a lot more challenging in others.  I suck on the inside of my bottom lip a lot when I'm thinking.  Did somebody mention thinking?

[note.  end of second line should read that SHE'LL go off about. Pride IN rather than from in the third graph etc.]

ThatsfairCarter's parents were raised together.  Their mothers were best friends boomers who thought if you put kids where you could visually keep track of them you could otherwise 'safely' overlook them in favor of your own socialization needs.  Hence Vic taught her to read when she was four then encouraged her to keep it a secret until she was meant to begin learning in first grade.  And so forth.  When Jessie was 7 her parents died in a car crash and she was adopted by Vic's parents.  They were both told they were now brother and sister.  This became a problematic household edict once they were in their mid and later teens respectively. 

Hence Carter.  And now a few decades later, beginning to learn what it might mean to become a couple together during a very different season of their life.

The heart to heart above takes place on a road trip just prior to the official start of Northeast's hunkering season in very early March.  In part the trip is designed to meet Carter's new guy who's both quite similar and very different from him. 

Below Jessie gets to know her soon-to-be son in law (none of them realize this yet) by learning a bit more about what it means when he says he's not a morning person.  [there's a context for the Fallujah remark.  He's the one that 'mentioned' the topic - to himself.]



One of my most vehemently entitled to 'call it like I see it' email trolls gets really bent out of shape whenever I post these snippets.   Don't I realize my idea of "writing" is strictly draft quality work?  And such dross that I mistake for "work" often contains typos and grammatical errors?



I could?  But why bother.


hope all the other uber-weary stateside peeps who read here are having themselves a bit of a kickback holiday weekend despite the low-key disembodied nature of many families'  time this year.  I feel plenty of gratitude for plenty of things.  And have more than enough of everything I love as well as what I need. 

Plus the best possible good fortune:  to have my adult son right here for this particular holiday and those in the foreseeable future.  We are so much MOST grateful for his return to good health.  Although a lot rests on his ability to stay healthy and the six month check-up to see if that's happening. 

even within that caveat.  living with him well enough to make jokes, climb the stairs to the studio so that we might spend more time just the two of us (and the cat of course) talking together.  Having him well enough that I feel at liberty to mother-harass him into picking out a new winter jacket and some decent winter socks, asking him more complicated questions about his various political takes and concerns and of course the all important maternal let's-get-some-of-these-empty-juice-bottles-off-the-floor kind of thing.

that's A LOT at a time like this ...


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Liz A

so glad that there is good progress health-wise for your son ... that he is and will be with you for the holidays ...

and love seeing you here ... serious, yes ... me, too ... and I absolutely look like my dad and his mother (for whom I was named)

holiday preparations are underway ... distractions all ... I suspect I will be revisiting the chakra posts in the new year when they can get the full attention they deserve ... but I will at least try to make one nine-patch for each ... placeholders

thank you for sharing your gifts with us


Liz - it's the best possible thing to hold close with gratitude and truly celebrate. We've spent a number of holidays with our son in another part of the globe or country. He could have easily been as ill as he was under those circumstances. Seemingly just a fluke he was here instead. Best 'happenstance' ever from Mama's point of view.

On this end I'm serious to a fault. Also a great deal more quiet than people expect when they know me through words on a screen before knowing the person behind them. Not used to thinking I look like my mother because I'm such a dead ringer for my grandmother.

I think everybody's got a lot going on above and beyond 'normal' holiday seasonal distraction and overdrive. That's a big part of why I'm making color links so it will be easier for people to go back and revisit what they've missed or wish to re-visit with greater ability to focus, have time, etc.


"I could? But why bother." Says it all. Making a post-it for the bathroom mirror after clicking to post.

grace Maestas

Red slid up into Orange of it's own accord...i guess that was what was
so Surprising, into Orange but still very much being about Red.
i am still not knowing a whole lot that i sense is waiting to be known

grace Maestas

and gardenia....there is always an urge to eat them.
and gardenia, remembering being attracted to a perfume at the maybe 6th grade? 7th?, my mother somehow very
clearly pointing out how trashy it was...

it's so punguent. what a great word, punguent. the old lady here smiles.


Franklin - that will be a first for me...


Grace - I feel that way about tulips. Have envisioned ... a beautiful little cut glass plate or bowl piled with shredded tulip salad.

My mother was the same about the scent of gardenia and also wearing the flowers as well. At my wedding the usherettes and my maid of honor wore gardenias. so did my mother ...
It's just so incredible swoon worthy. Must send more info.

Concerning red - more wanting to be known - sliding into orange I feel all of this on my own. Was looking for something that doesn't exist (an orange chakra cloth) and found a few very 'important' red things. think it will be like this. we need to re-member.


also yikes. At *our* wedding, obvi...


I like how the deck turned up three very red cards and how I saw them not long after reading, “I’m not done with red yet.”

I’m already capturing pix of orange in preparation... so far it’s a bit heady for me. Not surprising as an Aquarian with moon in Gemini at the mid heaven but these are juicy and vibrant chakras. Any thoughts about getting out of my head?

But what I came here to say is I like how dense, intriguing, and engaging the writing is.


a purely personal response to this comment of yours. In the rest of my reply I tried to think of things that others might find useful as well. My top pick of something you can do for yourself to get out of your head: WATCH the Pam Gregory video about the coming Solar Eclipse in mid-December rather than listening to it while other things are accomplished. If you need to multi-task in order to do this as a comfortable form of attention - make sure to look up at the screen a lot. She - leaves her mind entirely a number of times - at once outright swooning and another time letting out such a giddy goofy laugh I found myself doing it too. Her normally deep breaths of cleansing pause where downright yogic this time.

I started watching on the heels of reviewing her Lunar eclipse video while concurrently making it my business to sort and clear-away all the various art supplies that migrate into our dining room so I'm never "stuck alone" there without stuff I need. Something kept telling me to stop. To just sit there and watch. It took me upwards of 45 minutes to settle down to the point where I started goofy-laughing in response to her doing it. But so rewarding to feel energy everywhere.

also: I get out of my head a lot by using a breathing technique I first heard from PG and then started seeing or hearing about it randomly so I guess it's a thing. In meditative breathwork - perceive your heart as a lung. Breathe through it. Keep doing this in your quiet times even if it feels largely mental/projected visualizations that come from Mind in your sense of connection to it. Eventually - or quite suddenly - that will change. I'm thinking the time of year - the vast differences and absences from your holiday season - will make this entirely doable if not "easy". Sometimes the results last a couple of seconds and sometimes it lasts longer. Seems to have a lot to do with how I prioritize what I do after I stop the meditation, then after that and so forth.

writerly aside: the specific density you often respond to derives from my scorpionic north node that's a single degree into the eighth house. I also have an eighth house saturn. Guess that's another way of saying I'm either an excellent person - or the very worst - to give getting out of your head advice. I therefore thought about this overnight. Some stuff stayed the same and a couple things were amplified. Am replying in comments in case any of the ideas are useful for anyone reading along with a similar question. I think a whole lot of us are kind of clinging to the head chakras right now. It's all too apparent what happens when the primary base centers run a person's individual or collective engine. Those of us able to be rational, dream beyond the mundane, and value intelligence in a landscape that does no such thing are INVESTED in staying in our heads. Because we know how and are disturbed to downright terrified of those who never even seem to understand anything but a badly distorted root center exists.

stayed the same - first psychic hit: FINN. Time with him that's not based on walking where you can be in your head and also operate from it taking photos etc. Time when you are playing with him so that your body and heart are more engaged than your mind (walking with him - having a shared experience that's also your own)

most obvi thing which I would never put first for somebody with the astrology you describe - Don't FEED your head so much it becomes easy/desirable/advantageous to stay in it because you're so generally able to thrive on what the restaurant serves. to that end:

When you wake up in the morning don't reach for your phone. Take care of earliest morning ablutions as your first thing and then get right down on the floor for either floor yoga, other basic grounding/floor based stretching, and then go straight to alternate nostril breathing; flat on the floor if your spine will take it or cushioned as need be to make this doable. I go from this to 15-20 minutes still-mind meditation in cadaver post. Oxygenating the brain evenly seems to go a long way to keeping my brain from wandering as much. If I tried to have still-mind without the build-up of body/floorwork and the nostril breathing - forget it! I am scattered af especially when new to a fresh day's incarnation. Also I use the best tip I was ever given vis a vis meditation practice: every time your mind erupts give it no more negative attention than you would an obstreperous puppy. Simply tell it firmly and consistent to sit or stay. It's been invaluable for me and many I've passed it along to.

Can you dance your energy back into the totality of your body and stick with it until your energy flow really does seem to be reaching more that the three head-based energy centers? Find some old Sly and the Family Stone to play and as you feel the music's groove really let your body vibrate with the bass guitar's frequency. You don't have to "know music" or even what a bass guitar looks like - you just have to be able respond to that groove and this is the band to keep you focused in staying pretty much as far away from "your head" as you can get. It will tickle and revive your sense of tribal connection that's time/age based. If this is difficult stand near the speakers (or have headphones) with your eyes shut. Bounce with a conscious spring in your toes and soles. It's Sly! You're in my age group! You have an excellent shot at being outta your head and all the way into the rest of your body before you actively remember how impossible this seemed on your mind's drawing board.

Otherwise - and I think this might be true for all air signs as well as Sagittarius -
My gut hunch is that you might have best luck if you begin by pushing energy UP instead of down. Inventory your head chakras to make sure they're balanced enough to facilitate the effort first. Then just push ALL the head stuff up to and THROUGH the crown. See if you can visualize you own energetic body compressed to a disc or three dimensional sphere above your physical head. Then pull it down. all the way down to the chakra you wish to work with and contemplate with more freedom from thought and its various parameter restrictions. Me? I'd go all the way down to the root irrespective of where i wanted to work in order to the root the intention that this is how I'm going to take care of myself more fully from now on. Once you believe yourself - that you can be trusted to know what you need and are more than capable of providing action as well as insight on your own behalf - then push the illuminated energy to the energy center where you want to focus. And/or the corresponding spots along your spine that seem stuck, vacant, or crowded/murky.

Note: the sacral chakra - corresponding to the emotional nature of water - tends to be a place where things do indeed get murky - or outright blocked - due the difficulty quotient of personally relevant emotions/shadow based memories that tend to lodge there. Particularly given how rigorously we've spen the past while of being actively gaslighted by our 'power structures'. The process has repeatedly pinged the central nervous systems and subtle bodies of anyone who experienced such things in other time frames. The deeper dysfunction is baked into your bloodline the more the shredding of the US foundation of Being is impacting you in the primary chakra range. Diving into whatever aspects of the sacral center's wheelhouse feels most relevant or necessary is quite likely to get tricky for those who go straight to their heads in order to deal with such things - and, increasingly, find themselves hitting a formerly blind corridor of the awareness that staying with constant-companion mind isn't actually a fix or reliable way to deal with it now that it's everywhere and determined to leave not a single stone untouched.

BUT. those of us with a certain level of 'stuff' in our background might have the fortitude to try more effectively than we realize. Just keep reminding yourself (I have to do this out loud given complex PTD's tendency to get the old disassociation thing fired up before I even realize that's where I'm headed or have grown stuck) "I'm having emotions. I don't want to drown in them or let them take root." but ... maybe that's for getting out of the head *of not being in enough mind* to understand I'm actually be stuck in it. Including all this for the three people who read here with my awareness we're completely similar in that way.

If anyone reading these remarks as a reply to a specific person also needs a process of coming back into your *right* mind before you can understand how badly you've been stuck somewhere on the scale beyond "rightness" and "nobody's here right now" please see below:

Do visual rather than mind-based healing activities and exercises. With specifically Dee in mind: this feels imperative for anyone at any stage of actively writing/cleaning up said writing/working on any one of the corridors related to publishing/distribution. I think of the remarkable video of your swift and sure method for putting up a new quilt on your design wall. Your work and re-working of collage themes and those resulting videos as well.

it seems like getting out of your head might be as lateral - or even more so - that working up or down the energy column. Let your amazing flare for intuitive creativity mingle with both your pragmatism and skepticism more - even/especially when you find yourself in a place where your mind means safety or at least a familiar landscape even when the center isn't holding much of anywhere else. Figure out one or two places where Mind is your whole environment but you might be willing to send it on a busman's holiday while soul or spirit or gut hunch takes mind's place for a day. It's often easier to handle "a day" if you break it down into 2 or 3 hour segments over the course of a waking hours week.

Obviously I saved the number one answer for last: Take a short block of time - three days? Maybe one full week? Once your brain is oxygenated - AS SOON AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN - sit quietly with a word-based journal. Begin with the open ended sentence: THIS IS HOW I KNOW I CAN GET OUT OF MY HEAD. Just do that for that short bit of time and see if you don't just normally find yourself thinking or acting a bit differently once you've flipped the narrative. Instead of "struggling" your telling yourself "this is how I'm already effective and also how I might increase my range and immersive abilities that are previously untapped."

and then of course here's the fire parts of myself at long last signing off with a final thought from me to you:

for fuck's sake Dee. You're an Aquarian who raised two very different fish-boys and married one of my sun brothers. You already know how to get out of your head if you're willing to lead yourself to the many-natured waters of their combined and singular abilities to lead by example within your purely personal reflection of one thing and another.

Now *there's* a journal/automatic writing topic ...


Wow. What an incredible gift this response is! Thank you. I’m glad you shared it here because, as you note, these tips probably could help people besides me. It is such a compendium of ideas that I will have to reread before making even partial sense of it all. But right off the bat: dancing has always worked for me. And, I love the idea of pushing energy up and out of the crown. I never would’ve considered that as a clearing method. Will keep you posted. Thanks again.

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