simple magic: red square realignment
fulfilling my RED intentions .1

chakra deep dive shortcuts

RED (root)       ORANGE (sacral)       YELLOW (solar)


 BLUE (throat)     INDIGO (vision)  

VIOLET/GOLD (crown)     BLUE-WHITE/SILVER (earthstar)

There are a few relevant posts on my main blog as well.

The collage challenge I guided last January has been returned to the blog in full.  This includes a number of prep and example posts I shared to build the energy throughout last December.


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Liz A

ahhhh ... the road goes ever on and on


this way everyone can begin to set aside some little piles of inspiration. or at least occasionally dream about such play and preparation...


Hello Acey, my name's Rose. Just wanted to say Hi and to thank you for re-posting the Collage Prompts. I am keen to have a go at them. I have become an avid follower of yours and the various blogs by the Kindred Spirits, thanks to the wonderful Liz, who has introduced me to them. I've also started a blog of my own recently (Latitude 38S), so I plan to post my efforts there. I'm aiming to simply follow the prompts in issued order, and post them as I complete them, rather than daily.
Thanks for such an interesting blog, Acey, I'm intrigued by so much of the content!
Best for the coming year.


Thank you for the good wishes Rose!

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