chakra deep dive shortcuts
orange meets red

fulfilling my RED intentions .1

RedscrapingI chose to do my informal sketching in an equally informal botanical sketchbook. Decided I'd scrape pure red acrylic gouache as a simple background and work with a graphic arts pen I keep on my coffee table work space at all times. Simple and back to basics.  Used the scraping opportunity to start out skimpy with the red areas/paint load and then let the vast array of empty space gradually build into something more solid.  I created an ongoing spontaneous meditation on the red square/root chakra work I've been doing all month as I sketched. 

ArchangelicarootI knew I wanted to sketch an Archangelica angelica root but instead of sketching it three times I worked from three separate reference images.  Lysdexia was making longer term concentration quite challenging.  You can see a vestige of it in the fact that I got the botanical name of my favorite plant inverted. 

Dongguiroot While sketching dried Dang Gui I recalled an amazing Chinese herb shop that used to be on Harvard Street in Allston.  And finally I drew a close up of tiny hairlike A. archangelica rootlets because they are so much fun to create with marks of many kinds.



Then I celebrated roots in a different way.  It was something I'd been meaning to make time for throughout this month and then once my body began foretelling today's torrential rain I just let myself curtail plans & ambition and instead reconnect with an old friend:

Wildroots  I adore this book equally for the information it contains and the marvelously sensitive pencil drawing of innumerable root systems.  Sat here on the dreaming couch and dropped all the down into my own sense of rootedness.  Memories of sharing this book and actively building community through book sharing more generally.  With each flip of the page I felt infused with the energy of so many herbal root systems holding so many personal and dreaming memories.  Time very well spent.

AngelicarootFor the A. angelica root example I decided to include some of the text to show a snippet of the author's voice and level of information provided.  It can be tricky to find a copy but well worth putting on a someday/quest list as well as searching down through inter-library loan. The pencil drawings are exquisite throughout.

DaylilyrootsDaylily. He really gives the root systems room to breathe on the page and I love that about the layout.

SpikenardrootSpikenard.  I love the tracery skeleton like shape suggestive of a human heart...

Every single page is a journey in drawing sensitivity as well as technical skill and a killer plant geek's eye.

SunnycoyotesquareThere's a part two for this topic involving glimpses of what I discovered when I went on a dedicated & specific search for ORANGE and discovered some additional significant RED instead.


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grace Maestas

thank you so much for all of this. So much.g


Took me a while to figure out where everyone was getting their RED and root chakra inspiration from, so I've been busy trying to catch up before the calendar flips to December. Chakras have been so much a part of me for so many years, and for the past year I've taken a deep study dive from multiple sources. Your generosity of teaching is like icing on the cake. Thank you so much for this!

Mo Crow

growing your roots at the heart of the matter

Liz A

a book of roots! truly there are so many wonders and wanders to be had in this world

and chakras ... new to me this year as tarot was last year ... more wonders and wanders to be had


thank you too grace.

Cheryl I try not to intrude but this comment insures I have no choice but to send you an email

Mo - as I said. Next year's mantra. Motivation to get back to a jude-inspired cloth that would be the perfect altar back with the same title.


Liz - this is a wonderful book and I'm leaving it out for ongoing reading and inspiration.


great work!

Curso de Radiestesia

maravilhoso, adorei

Gráficos de Radiestesia

simplesmente incrível

Curso de Projeção Astral

Adorei a ideia, parabéns.

Curso de Cromoterapia

Ficou lindo demais, parabéns! Já me inspirei para fazer algumas artes também.

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