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simple magic: red square realignment

BookofgridsJust for context I worked in the book above to create today's exercise.   The page on the right contains four antique aluminum christmas ornaments and five I painted so I'd still have a few reserve relics from my childhood.  PaintedandmetalAm trying to make each page the right combination of soothing low-pressure layering and challenging myself in some way.   Am working quite slowly page by page.  It's my favorite way to accomplish something memorable and fun to review.

NeongridblgIn the process of thinking about RED there have also been a lot of thoughts and some talk concerning squares.  I had the idea I wanted to work with red squares that were smaller - like Liz - and spoke to my particular favored reds - like grace.   In the 'me' quadrant I visualized working with different size squares.


Yesterday afternoon - when I knew what I wanted to create - i was not in the right headspace to focus-into.  But I was definitely prepared to consider the root chakra's primary RED imperative: Survival.  While also feeling precious little of one of the bright red color ray's greatest blessings: Stamina.  Yesterday I took a break from writing and quickly gathered a few magazine tear-outs and book pages with tints and tones of red that most caught my eye in a stabilizing and emotionally strengthening way.

RedroughlayoutFirst I visualized all my personal red square disarray and then further visualized it slowly liquefying into pure color.  I imagined setting the color in a kettle above a sacred fire to cook down into itself.  At the same time I imagined releasing attachment to individual fear-driven moments and emotional debris (recall FEAR is the destabilizing emotional challenge of our sacred ROOT) that no longer had a home.  The color in the kettle had become a sacred space unto itself.  I free-cut squares (so I guess I ought to call them 'squares' ...) and thought about this month's internal evolution so far.

In the very beginning of the month I asked myself to visualize the damage I perceived to this energetic center at a personal level.  I saw it as a rusting stop sign shot full of bullet holes.  Then I perceived a lack of fear in approaching what remained.  I visualized putting everything in a scarlet colored velvet sack and hanging it in a closet.  Today when I first got out of bed I mentally approached that other-dimension closet and took out the sack.  A few hours later I created my vision of personal realignment as it feels possible and most cogent at this time.

RedsquarerealignmentThe largest and most resilient squares attract the smaller pieces.  Everything is falling into place even if the eventual form can't be interpreted clearly at this time.

I live in a state where the rate of doubling is making itself known. At a nationwide level some very frightening Covid-based things are happening.  The root chakra corresponds, in part, to the human immune system.  Think about what sort of root vegetable you might have on hand.  Nourish yourself as you consider what kind of root/red square-based survival enhancing realignment you can begin to put into energetic place as you work to create this simple but highly effective collage project.  Plan to make time to give yourself the treat of a fresh brothy noodle soup with plenty of garlic and ginger.

Today I'm bringing back a post from early last March.  Back at the beginning of collective root chakra High Alert energy.



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Liz A

I just came in from sitting in the sun ... gazing at the waxing crescent moon in a clear blue sky ... bare-footed in 79 degree warmth ... gotta love Texas

As hard as it was to read, I appreciated the link back to your early pandemic post ... which ended with a waxing crescent moon ... synchronicity always wows me ... how we are once again entering a more fear-full time ... hunkering down

And I guess it wouldn't surprise you to know that today's holiday gifts for the grandkids arrived: National Geographic boxes of rocks and minerals, fossils and geodes

I wonder how much red resides in those long-neglected book cover boxes ... hmmm


Liz - adding to the synchronistic flow - I read your comment while watching the waxing crescent moon begin to set through the studio window.

love the intended holiday gifts! And I definitely thought about your book cover stash a few times this month. You probably have incredible options there.


These prompts are very powerful to us. Supposedly we're doing them independently but we keep horning in on each other. We see this chakra as a metaphor for family of origin. Looking through stuff I found old class photos. The one from sixth grade you're making an almost perfect Kushner face. Just Sayin'


gotta find it now ... !!!

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