prompt: flip or enhance your script
prompt: what is the thing? (plus extra words)


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i'm still at the bridge. it took a long time for the moment to cross and then to
look back. I'm still there but today's prompt opens that out.'
The bridge is a longish suspension bridge, wood slats, woven into bridge with rough rope.
Like maybe the ones we see in China's high mountains, or someplace in a National Geographic.
it moves. you have to be careful. and then there were all manner of vines growing, thick.
I'd planted them, most of them tho some were wind sowed. They were camouflage.
in the words of today's prompt, i see that Hollyhocks have grown.


but of course. Hollyhocks...

Grace Maestas

Just on the bridge.
Haven't finished looking back.

Mo Crow

Antigonon leptopus aka coral vine for it's wildly enthusiastic, vibrant pink racemes with spring green foliage, seen rarely this century as it is an environmental weed here in Australia


just looked at images of the blooms. They are as delicate and frothy as your stitched work!!

Grace Maestas

Today I see that my heart has become a wind sown field of Queen Anne's Lace. A FIELD!


(i knew this ...)

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