2nd day prompt response
4th day prompt response

3rd day Prompt response

I allow myself to hear spring even while seeing winter.  I allow myself to hear cooperation and love's hopefulness in moments when pain and confusion seem to be the only currency.  I allow myself to hear sentience all around rather than simply trusting or 'knowing' it's there.

I wish to allow myself to hear more in my memories that are generally visually based.  I wish to allow myself to hear less power in words of spite and panic that somebody feels less than unless they do what they can to share the toxicity.  I wish to allow myself to hear the exact syllables of collective sentience carrying itself through air, water, fire, & earth.


yesterday I got the wording on the second part 'incorrect' but that gave me some stuff to think about.

the true power of word for me right in this season of my life is most clearly recognized when the speaker and listener deem each one to be of equal consequence both as broadcaster and receiver.  But, really, I mean each individual word and how they are strung together as well.  When both speaker and listener are in that kind of fully conscious communication headspace.

that's where the magic happens.


I am finding this exercise SUPER powerful at a personal level.  Am settling into a routine with it.  After I start a new post with the previous day's entry, I close the lap top and write today's entry on its lid. 

Am going for three affirmations written for each part of the exercise. 

I have been whispering my responses just under my breath as I write them down

tomorrow I'm going to use a normal speaking voice, now that I realize that, too, would be  a great exercise.

Seriously.  Do this prompt if you aren't already.  It will bring calm and steadiness and inner connectivity.


Healinggardenjournals1Yesterday afternoon I took a break from writing and found wonderful stuff in my email pertaining to Deb Soule's upcoming class.  Above you see her working quietly in the Avena gardens.   .happy sigh.  Everyone in this workshop who's showing themselves is some version of a me.

and we have Deb and all the other illuminated women to guide us.  it's almost too much.  but at the same time incredibly stabilizing.

First Deb sent out a Spring Equinox meditation and ideas for creating and energizing an Equinox altar.  The photo of her personal exemplar was deeply moving to me.  The simple and simply elegant space with just the right Things and placement.

Then we received the pdf for the workshop's journal. 

it is soooooooooo beautiful.

was so busy looking at the various pages' decorations, lunar artwork, and visual prompts inspiring numerous ideas of how I might color things in as I go, that it didn't occur me until it was completely printed:  I was too excited to double check printing orientation and printed everything in landscape mode.  But.  words are my friends, comforts, and eternal guidance system.  I'm gonna be journaling at length, I'm quite sure.  So I thought I'd grab a blank book from my stash and use it with the half pages pasted in place at appropriate intervals. 

then this morning

I woke up in a 6th chakra place (this happens every morning.  But today it was actually relevant

and of pragmatic use)

and also sacral lust of a kind.

I wanted, needed, absolutely HAD to have the journal pages printed in portrait mode so I could properly admire and infuse myself with them as I worked on whatever's to come. 

emrie and the beads she ordered.

i needed and HAD to have.

So I printed it out and am so glad I did.

I even have a shiny starman blue storage pouch to keep things organized and in one place.



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