blue in my studio
Prompt: ex-factor blue (and words)

Prompt: change your blue

very simple and yet not:

switch-up the precise blue that's your normal go-to blue for the sake of blueness.  Work with it for at least a few days.  Longer if it starts to grow on you.

Commit to getting to know a new layer of BLUE for the rest of the month in this kind of way.   Maybe you stay with the original switch-up blue or maybe you just wander around with a larger scope and less automatic favoritism where blue is concerned.


Start looking for and at forms of BLUE you usually overlook.

think about why.

Blue is the color of truth.

how do you decide what you will or will not look at/consider/work with, and why?

look around among your supplies and wish lists.  Make sure you're hearing yourself within your choice-making.

Whatever form of Blue you choose -

balance as best you can

between projection/voice

and reception/hearing




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Wow! Two things:
I never realized I have 'automatic favoritism' in Blue, but boy I do!! What an A-Ha!
Second, it's a surprise to me that I in fact chose Blue for the words "Truth" and "Trust" - having no idea that "Blue is the color of truth"! I love when that happens!


Nancy - I love that too. It happens a lot the more I age.

wonder what it would be like to do one of your lovely small weavings in any stray blue that you have on hand mainly because you've avoided using it? I did that one time with Purple and a set of placemats I wove from cloth strips of stuff I kept rejecting 'but didn't know why'.


The first one I ever made (in the class where I learned) was all blues that the teacher had. I gave it to J. - it was when we were first dating :) Also did one in blue/whitish for my son. Don't have a pic of that one. I do have some blues maybe. Thanks.

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