Prompt: change your blue
answering questions marks

Prompt: ex-factor blue (and words)

BlueirisballPut blue in the spotlight where you can't miss it.  Try to find a place where it doesn't 'belong' to help it stand out more.  See how the space where you put it changes because you put Blue within a parameter. 

pro tip:  Blue's natural chakra-related element is Ether.  This chakra's natural element is Mercury.  Consider what your life has taught you about these two words and what they represent.

For me - the keyword that emerges of its own accord is fluidity.

Not the fluidity of water at the sacral center but bookmark awareness of Orange because we'll circle back to it in a prompt.

This is the fluidity of out-of-body beyond-ness.  At the fifth chakra level this is where we "suddenly" hear things in a new and different harmony.  Nowadays many of us are discovering we experience receptive harmonization only in short bursts.  Blue teaches us, through non-resistance, the many ways in which we ourselves may resist receptivity's inner harmony - particularly for expediency's sake, or due to a heart-bridge disconnect.

so.  fix that disconnect with some loving repair work if you find that's what's needed.  Create something that honors the work you've done that will keep your journey illuminated and soul-nourishing.

Go around your environment distributing Blue highlights and breathing spaces.

Gather it together on your personal altar space and then allow the specific Blue-ness involved guide you to a new residence for its form, color, and your own imaginative & spiritual connections to Blue.

Focus on what you let in of Blue before

we take a look at what we let out

Ask yourself this question for a week:  what do I allow myself to hear in the key of Blue?  what else do I WISH to hear that way?

(pro-tip:  Blue is an excellent wishing color.  I'm going to write on blue paper with blue ink)


(this is the spot where I planned to add a picture of the ways I'm adding Blue to my stone working altar that continues to spontaneously expand on my coffee table workspace as a very clear outgrowth of this energetic process I embraced. technical difficulties.)


I'm writing a different post than the one that started forming while I was outside walking around with the cat.  Am doing so primarily because, no matter how many times I try, I cannot upload pictures right now.  And here's what's interesting about that:  I've thought for the past two days I wanted to use this pic and write this post.  suninmoonandmooninsun  eventually i figure it out.

Since I've begun this particular iteration of blogging as part of my Communicator aspects - I've been focused on answering the call (a-hem) someone put out in the form of potent wishing like I've never felt.  But now I feel it all the time - various wishes and affirmations that aren't really connected to me - I've simply gained an ability to hear/listen to what's always been present:

Blue Ether/Spirit-Based CHOICES made by humans to speak and listen from that place. 

I always called it The Vibe but over the past month or so I've come to see it as Blue, pure and simple.

Blue = Spirit = Peace = Tranquility

Blue lends Wisdom to Heart

a lot of people participating in this exploration

are likely to feel

Heart's confusions and uncertainties

gain courage, strength, and clarity

from Blue

BluepetalsBlue leaves traces of itself behind for us to find

and re-member what's sacred, true, and well-worth keeping safe and strong here on the lip of full-on roundtheclock Blueness.

we are here.

who could have imagined Blue

during Red

or (deep breath...) Orange

and then Yellow

and its pernicious shadow

changing and rearranging so much

including the scheduled time frame of this Dive.

we took two weeks to clear-out and refurbish the lower Three.

Could YOU have imagined Blue on the lower chakra's bridge to the Heart?

I was apprehensive

but now it's just here of its own accord.

From this I've learned that Blue has impeccable timing

in addition to all else it holds.

The heart's bridge to the upper chakras is very important.

the upper chakras when left unattended?

they kinda sorta tend to like to be in charge.

they Know Things after all

(and they actually do ... provided they stay open, guarded, and guided by Spirit rather than ego and its endless yardsticks)

BlueitalianalkanetYESWhat does it mean to consider Blue as a disembodied community?

I ask this in part of everyone reading

but I'm also asking this blog's original readers - all in my age group or older - who once and since have come to know each other through a very Blue landscape.  "jude blue" is indigo and that's the next [visionary] chakra's stomping ground. 

but much as one gave birth to two and so forth - so did jude's blue bring everyone else's blue out to play.

many things led to other many-things.

What do we think of blue and all it has made from and for us

since we learned how to say

hello i love you

to each other



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