prompt: what is the thing? (plus extra words)
prompt: where does your heart rest?


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Mo Crow

sea anemone


have you ever created them somehow?

Mo Crow

the sea anemone taught me to open my heart tendril by tendril

Cheryl Fillion

Red-bellied woodpecker. Strange for the heart center, maybe, but it does represent the connection to the rhythm of Earth's heartbeat. (And they wear the Magic Feathers!) They come everyday to the suet feeder just off our deck, reminding me constantly to follow my own rhythm. I'm so enjoying your focus on chakra and color.


glad it's fun for you, Cheryl. just another thing I never imagined doing, yet here I am. We have red-bellies here, too. Think it's an excellent heart ally for the reasons you mentioned. I also like their looney tunes 'laugh' reminding me to keep my heart light.

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