2021 growing season

Heart of Impeccability


not completely the right color range in the blooms but this image pretty much insisted on being the lede.  assuming it will resonate with somebody.

We're on the brink of another full moon.  This one will beam down upon us saturated in Virgo energy.  Like all the zodiac signs, the sign encompasses a lot of depth and nuance.  My long-standing awareness of the energy always leaves me leaning into the keyword: impeccability.

The Virgo full moon will bring us in touch with fast moving mercury-driven energy as well as an opportunity to bathe our consciousness in Luna's radiant reflection of impeccability, analytic prowess, and an ongoing invitation to move deeper along an individual and collective path of service.  Virgo's ruled by the planet mercury and the full moon's radiance may include swiftly re-written inner programming.  Stuff that hasn't made sense may suddenly fall into place.  Things that seemed insurmountably important may become less so or fall away altogether. 

Virgo's natural home is the sixth house.  This is the house of Service.  You heart chakra is, on certain levels, Service's primary temple of manifested illumination.  Try this, just now, as you're sitting to read:

Put your arms straight out in front of you so that your shoulders are straight but your arms slope down just a little bit.  Hold your hands out straight with the palms equally straight and facing each other.  Take a few cleansing breaths and then slowly open your arms while inhaling at the same pace you're opening your arms.  See how full and far you can fill your lungs.  Let your opened heart chakra breathe as if it, too, was a lung.  

imagine the universe breathing in unison with that kind of high quality energy flowing everywhere that sentience was equally open to project and receive.

light & love


deep carmine

emerald green


jade - to rest and restore central, sympathetic and electric nervous systemste

chrysoprase to soothe and remove damage.  equally effective for land healing.  The Dive members and other friends are working with a blended red clover essence and chrysoprase elixir.  to repair and restore as and where needed. 

rose quartz to heal, period

sphaerocobaltite to strengthen bonds with a true friend

rhodochrosite - especially if your heart hurts enough to curl inward towards childhood response to such pains

rhodonite for self-acceptance just as you Are.

Think of these things and others that are personally relevant.  Pay attention to anything that appears or presents itself spontaneously.


 breathe through your heart and work with what you have that's been working so far to open and illuminate and heal the all-important primary chakras. 


try doing this every day for about a week.  Maybe two or three times a day.

see if you don't feel and perceive your heart center - and how limitlessly BIG it is - a lot more clearly after that time.

keep doing it, maybe ...

Meadowsweet is my favorite heart chakra toning and clarifying agent.  I work with this essence year-round as a constitutional of sorts.